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1 May 2018

This report tries to tackle a set of complex issues with a pragmatic approach to the scale of the task of reforming Australia's mental health system.


27 Feb 2018

Trust is critical to the maintaining an organisation’s social licence to operate. This new report shows that directors are acutely aware of the need for their organisations to maintain trust with stakeholders amid generally declining trust in all institutions.


9 Feb 2018

Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister, Dr Megan Woods, has released this report into whether the Metro Sports Facility and the Stadium (Multi-Use Arena) projects, as they are currently proposed, reflect the best outcome for Christchurch and the Canterbury region.


8 Dec 2017

This technical report summarises transport activity patterns across Melbourne, both now and in the future.

Research report

7 Dec 2017

This research used a new approach to modelling to better understand how Melbourne’s roads might be used in 2030, and provide a comparison to 2015.

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7 Jun 2018

This report examines Chinese investment in Australia for the calendar year 2017 and incorporates the latest Chinese Investors in Australia Survey. This special edition provides some timely insights into the perceptions of the Australian investment climate by Chinese investors, as well as the key challenges...


Modelling the potential consequences for the Australian economy
3 Apr 2018

This report assesses the extent of domestic and world economy risks from the current tensions in global trade arrangements.


6 Dec 2017

This report contains an overview of the ‘top 10’ ranked issues facing Australia’s leaders in 2018, combined with analysis and forecasts from KPMG experts.


2 Nov 2017

This report examines the New Zealand corporate reporting space and provides additional insights specific to the NZ market.

Discussion paper

1 Aug 2017

Commissioned by The Committee for Sydney and authored by KPMG, this report examines achievements that have been made since 2014 and identifies areas that need to be addressed to enable Sydney (and Australia) to become a strong and prosperous fintech ecosystem.

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