Research report

7 Feb 2018

Almost 22,000 people were hospitalised in the period from 2010–11 to 2014–15 as a result of injury which occurred on a farm; over three-quarters of them (77%) were males.


9 Nov 2017

This report covers work-related injury by providing information on two sets of hospitalised cases. The first is hospitalised cases funded by workers’ compensation. The second, which overlaps with the first, is hospitalised injury cases where the injury was reported as having occurred while the patient...

Research report

11 Feb 2016


This report presents estimates of trends in the number and rate of persons seriously injured in Australia due to road vehicle traffic crashes. Serious injury is defined as cases where a person was admitted to hospital for an injury and was discharged...

Research report

26 Jul 2013

This report looks at death and serious injury of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia due to transport accidents in the five-year period 2005-06 to 2009-10. Land transport accidents accounted for 26% of all fatal injury cases and 9% of all serious injury...

Research report

13 Jan 2010

This report presents national statistics on serious non-fatal injury due to land transport accidents in Australia during 2006-07.

Males were more than 2 times than females to be hospitalised as a result of a land transport accident, while just over 50% of those hospitalised...

Research report

28 Sep 2009

Accidental falls, suicide and transport-related injuries are common causes of death in the Australian community. This report finds that overall, rates of injury death in Australia during 2004-05 increased with the remoteness of the injured person's residence, with those who resided in very...

Research report

12 Sep 2008

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as distinct from head injury, is characterised by an external impact to the head that results in damage to the brain. This report describes hospitalisations for TBI in Australia for the period 2004–2005.

This report describes hospitalisations for Traumatic Brain...

Research report

7 Apr 2008

This report presents national statistics on deaths and hospitalisations due to drowning for the five-year period 1999-00 to 2003-04. Drowning occurs in a number of settings and contexts: in bodies of natural water, in swimming pools and bathtubs, in association with watercraft and as the...

Research report

30 Sep 2007

This briefing provides an overview of football-related hospitalisations during 2004-05. Injuries sustained while playing football accounted for 31% (n=14,147) of all sports and leisure-related hospitalisations during this period. Australian football accounted for 30%, soccer for 24%, and rugby for 21% of all football-related hospitalisations. Over...

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