Simon Cowan

Research report

6 Nov 2017

Argues that a Universal Basic Income would be unaffordable with the current taxation system and would involve enormous additional taxation.

Discussion paper

1 Jun 2017

The two essays in paper take divergent approaches to the reform of the welfare state, while both focusing on the perennial hot button issue of so-called ‘middle class welfare.’


10 May 2017

In this commentary piece, a number of CIS authors give their view on the federal budget for 2017-18.

Discussion paper


23 Jun 2016

Every election campaign seems full of promises to spend more money, raise more taxes and make government bigger. Voters expect politicians to offer solutions to all manner of problems, most of them far outside federal jurisdiction and many of which are not problems government can...

Research report

1 Mar 2016

This paper looks at whether the share of income going to older Australians in the form of the pension is increasing, and examines the state of Australia’s generational bargain; asking is it fair and is it sustainable?


There has been a...



28 Apr 2015

The area most obviously in need of reform in Australia today is retirement income. From claims about unfair superannuation tax concessions, to assertions pensioners are living in poverty, and moves to restrict future growth in pension payments, the issue of what to do about...

Research report

27 Apr 2015

This report argues that reforming the pension could deliver income gains of more than $5,900 a year to almost 98% of pensioners. These reforms would also reduce the cost of the pension by $14.5 billion a year.

Executive summary

At $42 billion...

Research report

6 Mar 2013

This report introduces a campaign for reducing government spending to 30% of GDP.

Key points:

The size of government in Australia (federal, state and local) has been steadily expanding over the last 40 years, reaching into areas far beyond the core government...

Research report

24 Oct 2012

Nuclear-powered submarines are safe and are the best option for Australia’s Future Submarine Project, argues this report.

The Future Submarine Project – replacement of Australia’s 6 ailing Collins Class submarines with 12 Future Submarines – has a potential cost of $40 billion.


Research report

24 Jul 2007

Industries such as telecommunications, gas, electricity, water, rail and airports have traditionally been either publicly owned or closely regulated by an independent agency. This paper from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Regulatory Conference looks a third option, 'light-handed regulation', which has been tested in...

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