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Research report

28 Feb 2018

This report argues that the time for a reckoning is here. The government must intervene to secure the hard-fought-for right of Australian workers to receive a living wage in return for their labour.


Public attitudes towards taxation and public expenditure
12 Jun 2017

This survey provides a snapshot of the Australian public’s attitudes towards taxation and public expenditure, and a long-term view of trends in public sensibility towards our tax and transfer system.


19 Feb 2008

Emma Dawson assesses the state of SBS as a public broadcaster reflecting the concerns of ethnic Australia. Dawson discusses how SBS management has responded to being caught up in the culture wars, attempting to adequately respond to the interests of its viewers, and its political...

Discussion paper

14 Dec 2006

In this draft discussion paper Emma Dawson and Miriam Lyons outline the basic principles that should underpin our public broadcasting policy, and toss around a few ideas on how to equip the ABC and SBS to meet the needs of Australian citizens.

Discussion paper

14 Dec 2006

As citizens in a democracy we rely on the media to scrutinise the actions and decisions of those in power. We therefore need media that is independent and diverse; capable of putting the public interest above the interests of media owners, whether those owners are...

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