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28 Mar 2018

This paper explores the relationship between tradition-based knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and issues of IP, cultural heritage and economic empowerment.


31 May 2012

Introduction: IP Australia and the Office for the Arts (Cth) brochure, Finding the Way: a conversation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People seeks feedback from Indigenous people to share stories and insights on future directions about Indigenous knowledge and intellectual property.



6 Jul 2009

Over the past 20 years Indigenous Australians have called for greater recognition of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights.

In this paper Terri Janke makes the case that creating a National Indigenous Cultural Authority which would facilitate consent and payment of royalties to Indigenous...


19 Jun 2008

This paper provides information on intellectual property issues that arise in relation to arts festivals, with a specific focus for traditional cultural expressions (TCEs) and traditional knowledge (TK) related issues. The Festival of Pacific Arts is a celebration of Pacific arts, culture and knowledge. A...

Discussion paper

22 Aug 2006

Terri Janke and Robynne Quiggin survey the major indigenous intellectual and cultural property issues and canvass some of the instruments and interventions which could be considered in respect of these issues.

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