Rhonda Jolly

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1 February 2016

This chronology traces the story of media ownership concentration and control since 1901 and the government policies and regulations that have responded to, or attempted to pre-empt, the trend...

11 August 2014

Presents an overview of Australia's principal public broadcaster, the ABC, with reference to its origins, current composition and functions and its vision for a viable future within a changing...

8 August 2014

This paper examines proposed internet filtering policies in Australia from the 1990s to 2014 and discusses some of their ideological underpinnings.

2 April 2014

Provides an overview of Australia's community media sector, looking at its origins and composition and the problems it faces in light of the tasks it performs and the lack of resources available...

6 November 2013

This paper looks back at how the Commonwealth Games came to be, Australia’s experience of staging the event and contemplates how the Gold Coast will deal with that legacy and surmount perceived...

23 October 2013

This paper recounts the story of the 2013 media reforms - their introduction, the hurried investigations which attempted to explore their intentions and possible outcomes, and their eventual...

27 June 2013

This paper considers the policy environment which has surrounded federal government sports funding decisions since federation, concentrating on the period from the 1970s from which time the...

5 October 2012

This report provides background on recent media reviews in Australia, and assesses what they may mean for the future.

Since the seventeenth century the media have been seen as the watchdogs...

18 June 2012

This paper provides brief background information on the origins of the Olympics and a snapshot of the development of the Games since the first modern Olympics were held in 1896....

15 June 2012

This paper provides information on a proposed bill introducing new anti-siphoning measures for Australian broadcasting.

Siphoning refers to the practice used by pay television...