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10 Dec 2017

This resource argues that there is evidence of growing complacency and reform fatigue, including backsliding on fiscal policy in Australia.


9 Sep 2017

One of the most common debates in economics is when should government intervene in markets?


10 May 2017

In this commentary piece, a number of CIS authors give their view on the federal budget for 2017-18.

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19 Feb 2017


The Commonwealth government’s perilous financial position is well known, but the finances of state government also warrant our attention. In aggregate, since plunging heavily into deficit after 2007, the states’ fiscal position has improved markedly in recent years, marked by a return...

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5 Apr 2016

Without any change in personal income tax rates or thresholds, the tax burden will increase substantially and many more taxpayers will face high marginal rates over the next few years. Increasing the thresholds for some or all marginal tax rates to match past growth in...

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13 Dec 2015

Australian taxpayers face a future tax increase of $1,180 a year on average if nothing is done about bracket creep, according to this report.


There is a large gap between what the Australian government raises in taxes and what it spends....

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8 Apr 2015

This paper argues that criticism of tax concessions has lost sight of the legitimate reasons for many of them.


While action is needed to correct structural budget deficits, the criticism of tax concessions has lost sight of the legitimate reasons for...

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23 Jul 2014

It’s been over a century since the Federation was formed, Australian society and the world have changed, so is it time to re think how Federalism works?

Critics say that the current system is wasteful, inefficient and that too much central control results in...

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9 Jul 2014

This pamphlet aims to provide detailed coverage of where Australian tax dollars are spent.


Taxation is imposed through the coercive power of the state. Politicians often speak of “asking” taxpayers to pay more of this or that tax, but in reality...

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20 Mar 2014

Executive summary: While Commonwealth government debt has been the focus of attention recently, this report takes a broader view by bringing state debt into the picture.

Much has been made of the fact that Commonwealth government debt is projected (under current expenditure and...

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