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15 Sep 2017

This report argues that a national check of all Year 1 students in the areas of reading, phonics and numeracy will ensure that students who are behind in their schooling are identified early and can receive the extra support they need.

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11 Nov 2013

Restorative justice conferencing for young offenders is a legislated response to youth offending, which has been in place in all Australian states and territories for nearly two decades. Restorative justice conferences are meetings between young offenders, their victims and supporters to discuss the offence, its...

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12 Apr 2012

This paper presents evidence from Australia and overseas that demonstrates that high proportions of young offenders have a clinically significant, but previously undetected, oral language disorder.

Youth offenders are complex and challenging for policymakers and practitioners alike and face high risks for long-term disadvantage...

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21 Jun 2008

The misuse of alcohol in adolescence is linked to increased risk of alcohol dependence and other social and health inequalities in adulthood and drinking habits in adolescence are predictive of regular drinking in later life. One of the key influences on young people is the...

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1 Jan 2006

This article explores the attitudes, beliefs, and concerns of rural parents about teenage alcohol drinking. Focus groups were conducted with 26 parents in north and north-western rural Victoria, which discussed drunkenness and drinking patterns, age of initiation into drinking in the home, where and when...

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