Val Colic-Peisker

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Research report

14 Aug 2017

This report examined the impact of religious visibility on social cohesion in two case-study locations in Melbourne.

Research report

9 Aug 2017

The findings outlined in this report contradict an opinion often stated in public debates that Muslims tendto ‘self-segregate’ and do not integrate with the wider society.

Research report

24 Oct 2013

Executive summary: This report analyses processes of social change affecting two multicultural suburbs in Melbourne’s north, Coburg and Fawkner, focusing on factors that impact on community cohesion. The Moreland Council (2006, 2011) has identified that national trends of rising housing costs and spikes in unemployment...

Research report

18 Nov 2010

This project aims to explore how the asset poor status of older Australians helps to determine their demand for housing assistance, the coping strategies used by the asset poor as they strive to secure satisfactory housing outcomes and the importance of these outcomes to ontological...

Discussion paper

27 Aug 2010

This Positioning Paper is the first output of a project that explores the housing options and actual housing circumstances of asset-poor older Australians. The overall aim of the project is to provide evidence to Australian policy makers confronted with the issue of asset-poor older Australians...

Research report

27 Mar 2007

Key findings from this report (extract from the Executive summary):

• There are high levels of unemployment among skilled refugees • Massive loss of occupational status among skilled refugees • Persistence of a segmented labour market, where racially and culturally visible migrants...

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