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1 Dec 2014

Some people argue that right now Australian manufacturing is in decline. That Australian manufacturers have been plagued by high labour costs plus bad work and management practices. That employers are moving off shore and employment numbers are dwindling.

Might better business practises help boost...


10 Sep 2014

Abstract: The Australian Government Department of Industry commissioned the Centre for Workplace Leadership, at The University of Melbourne to conduct a study that investigates the use of management practices that increase performance and innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector....


27 Nov 2009

During the global financial crisis workers who stayed in their jobs did not reduce their working hours, despite widespread government and commentator claims that cuts in hours had helped stem job losses during the downturn.

The Australian labour market is experiencing a period of...


2 Oct 2007

This report provides an overview of results from the first survey, which gathered data on working conditions in March 2006 (before the implementation of the WorkChoices legislation) and 2007. This is a five year study of 8343 participants in the Australian labour market, assessing the...

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