John Buchanan

Research report

2 Aug 2016

With growing recognition of the extent to which work, mental health and wellbeing intersect, it is important to understand the critical role effective apprenticeship support arrangements play in helping Australia's youth make the transition from school to work. This study considers how pastoral care, mentoring...

Research report

27 Feb 2015

This review calls for major governance reform, an overhaul of Athletics Australia’s high performance practices and for the sport to be united under one structure.

Executive summary

Following the recent 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Board of Athletics Australia Limited, in partnership with...

Research report

15 Jan 2014

The study was conducted by the Workplace Research Centre, University of Sydney in collaboration with fieldwork company ORC International on behalf of the Fair Work Commission. It explores findings from the Award Reliance Survey (comprising a computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) and an online survey) with...

Research report

20 Dec 2013

The study is based on four sources of data: (a) a survey of over 11,500 non-public sector organisations, (b) quantitative analysis of over 25,000 enterprise agreements, (c) qualitative analysis of 91 strategically selected agreements; and (d) 20 workplace case studies.

Key findings (indicative)...

Research report

27 Nov 2009

During the global financial crisis workers who stayed in their jobs did not reduce their working hours, despite widespread government and commentator claims that cuts in hours had helped stem job losses during the downturn.

The Australian labour market is experiencing a period of...

Research report

3 Jul 2009

This report explores access to vocational education and training (and university) currently and historically over the past 20 years.

It reports that those young people most likely to miss out on vocational education and training include those with disabilities, young people still living at...

Research report

2 Oct 2007

This report provides an overview of results from the first survey, which gathered data on working conditions in March 2006 (before the implementation of the WorkChoices legislation) and 2007. This is a five year study of 8343 participants in the Australian labour market, assessing the...

Research report

4 Sep 2007

A report on a survey of employers in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Prepared for the Queensland Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, NSW Office of Industrial Relations and Industrial Relations Victoria.

From the executive summary: We appear to be living in an era...

Research report

20 Apr 2006

The Low Pay Project examines the effects of low pay on workers and their households. The first two reports from the project are based on interviews and focus groups with low paid workers earning less than $500 per week, $14 per hour or $26,700 per...

Research report

2 Apr 2004

Group training organisations act as intermediaries between enterprises and apprentices and trainees to facilitate on- and off-the-job training. This report examines the role of these organisations in Australia's labour market. The authors find that, at their best, they help promote sustainable work-based learning solutions by...

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