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The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) was established in July 2012. Its purpose is to help change the way we design, build and manage our cities and towns by valuing the contribution water makes to economic development and growth, our quality of life, and the ecosystems of which cities are a part.

The CRCWSC is an Australian research centre that brings together many disciplines, world-renowned subject matter experts, and industry thought leaders who want to revolutionise urban water management in Australia and overseas.

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Case study

1 May 2018

The Orange case study examines the city’s experience in diversifying its water supply by capturing and treating urban stormwater to supplement the potable water supply.


22 Feb 2018

Water's role in liveability: Heat, Waterways and Urban Amenity

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2018

This paper by the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities' Think Tank presents Australian examples where water utilities are playing a leadership role in broader city planning, through their advocacy, their whole-of-system perspective and technical excellence, as well as their investment in community engagement and industry...

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Case study

10 May 2018

Illustrated case study reporting on South Bank Rain Bank. The case study gives the status of the development, the drivers, the new technology used, the costs, the outcomes and the lessons learned.


8 May 2018

Two page info-graphic guide to a new Water Sensitive Cities Index tool.

The Index—developed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC)—is a tool for benchmarking against 34 indicators that characterise a water sensitive city.

Case study

3 May 2018

Case study of a stormwater project in Orange, NSW. Storm water is routed to an existing facility which filters to create potable water. The report covers drivers, costs, innovations, outcomes and learnings.


1 May 2018

Information sheet about a new suite of software based tools that support the mainstreaming of water sensitive technologies and practices across the urban development sector.

The Tools and Products (TAP) Program will further develop, refine and harmonise the portfolio of tools and practical products...

Policy report

24 Apr 2018

The City of Gold Coast (the City) engaged the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) to develop a water sensitive city vision and transition strategy for the Gold Coast, drawing on its ongoing research focused on developing methods and tools to guide cities...

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