Stephen Whelan

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Research report

10 May 2018

This report examines how the rules embedded in the tax and transfer system, especially in relation to the age pension, may impact on household choices.

Research report

AHURI Final Report 285
28 Jun 2017

This research presents evidence on how housing policies might promote labour force participation and economic growth through four channels - housing supply responsiveness, labour mobility, employment decisions and consumption.

Research report

AHURI Final Report 282
8 Jun 2017

This research investigated the relationship between increasing housing prices (or housing wealth) and the increased consumption expenditure of households from before the GFC and afterwards.


AHURI Final Report 280
15 May 2017

This study investigated the relationships between housing, housing markets and the labour market.

Briefing paper

4 Dec 2015

Home ownership is valued not just for the housing it provides but also as a means to accumulate wealth over the life-cycle. However, there is evidence that younger generations are making later transitions into home ownership and increased numbers not entering at all—this is not...

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