Yin Paradies

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14 May 2018

This report, sets out a framework for the evaluation of policies, programs and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

Research report

22 Feb 2018

Australians from culturally diverse backgrounds often feel frustrated about media coverage of news events and issues that portray them in a negative light. This study, analysing media coverage of issues related to multicultural Australia found, that more than a third of stories reflected a negative...

Research report

23 Oct 2017

This study sought to examine the prevalence of cognitive impairment in a representative sample of Indigenous offenders from Victorian prisons.

Research report

1 Jan 2008

Indigenous Australians and Maori have higher levels of ill health and mortality than non Indigenous people. The disadvantage suffered by Indigenous peoples is associated with racism, colonisation and oppression. Although several recent national and international reports have shown a link between racism and public health,...

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