Selina Tually

Research report

15 Jun 2017

This study investigated the interconnections between housing, community infrastructure and quality of life for Indigenous people living with disability.

Briefing paper

29 Jun 2016

This research explores Australian private rental brokerage programs which provide assistance in securing and sustaining private rental tenancies for disadvantaged tenants. The research identifies a diverse range of activities tailored to individuals and local circumstances, but lacking common terminology, measures and reporting making it difficult...

Research report

30 May 2016

Private rental brokerage programs (PRBPs) are a key pillar of support for disadvantaged people accessing and sustaining private rental. This is in addition to more formal private rental assistance programs delivered by state and territory governments; and Commonwealth financial assistance in the form of Commonwealth...

Discussion paper

29 Feb 2016

This project examines access to appropriate housing for Indigenous people with a disability living in stage one areas of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The condition and location of housing and the availability and suitability of housing...

Research report

3 Sep 2014

This document sets out to highlight some of the innovative practices being developed across Australia in response to homelessness. The paper draws upon some of the new ways of thinking encountered by researchers at the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning in their work...

Research report

13 Sep 2013

This report is the first output from this project and presents the findings from the initial stages of the investigation. Later reports will present a fuller picture as the outputs of additional stages of analysis are presented.

There is a growing consensus in the...

Research report

14 Jun 2013


This report considers the impact of anticipated climate change on Australia’s inland towns and centres to the year 2050. It examines the ways in which non-coastal settlements will be affected by the primary, secondary and tertiary impacts of climate change, including the...

Literature review

30 Sep 2012

This paper is the first output of a project entitled Beyond charity: the engagement of the philanthropic and homelessness sectors in Australia . The report has two purposes. First, it outlines the focus of, and rationale for, this empirical research investigating the engagement of the...

Research report

10 Mar 2011

This study addresses the question posed in the 2009 AHURI Research Agenda: how do the drivers of supply and demand for housing in regional and rural centres affect the supply of affordable housing?

This is a particularly important area of investigation at the current...

Research report

1 Dec 2008

This report investigates the support and accommodation needs of women (and children) affected by domestic and family violence. It finds that there is no one solution to domestic and family violence related homelessness. There is also no easy to roll out solution. This...

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