Kylie Valentine

Research report

28 Apr 2017

This AHURI Inquiry into the funding and delivery of programs to reduce homelessness in Australia provides the first comprehensive examination and assessment of the funding of Specialist Homelessness Services (SHSs) and other services assisting those experiencing homelessness.

Government funding is the dominant form of...

Research report

14 Feb 2017

This report forms part of an AHURI Inquiry into the funding and delivery of programs to reduce homelessness. It provides evidence from case studies of homelessness services into how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding impact...


20 Jul 2016

This report describes the evaluation of the implementation and service system outcomes of Practice First across 24 CSCs in NSW. The evaluation used four methodologies, with findings from each triangulated to strengthen conclusions.

Research report

30 Sep 2015

Summary: This paper presents a preliminary overview of the literature on the partnerships, collaborations and integrated interventions in relation to domestic and family violence and sexual assault in the international and Australian context.

The paper finds that the current Australian policy context prioritises...

Research report

15 Aug 2014

For young people with cognitive disability who live in regional Australia, very little is known about what helps and what hinders belonging and connection in their communities. This research addressed this gap in our knowledge by working collaboratively with young people.

Research report

30 Oct 2012

The Inner City Youth at Risk (ICYAR) Project is a partnership project which draws together 21 government and non-government organisations (NGOs) to target and respond to young people who are experiencing homelessness and/or at risk of homelessness in Kings Cross and surrounding areas. Partners include...

Research report

27 May 2011

The paper consists of two reports on post-diagnosis support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The first report focuses on younger children, and the second on older children.

The reports are based on literature reviews addressing the experiences of diagnosis, treatment and support for...

Research report

5 Jan 2011

This report explores the supports and services available to formal and informal out-of-home carers (foster, grandparent and kinship carers).

In conjunction with existing qualitative evidence from carers, it analyses current gaps in support to build an understanding of carers’ needs and priorities and the...

Briefing paper

2 Jun 2010

This report outlines the evaluation framework for the Linking Schools and Early Years Project, which is designed to ensure that all children enter the formal education system ready to engage with the many opportunities offered by their new learning environment.

The project also aims...

Research report

17 Jun 2008

An exhibition of Australian artist Bill Henson's photographs, including some works depicting nude children, has provoked a debate between adults over the values that adults should hold in protecting children on one hand and in viewing art on the other. Children and young people themselves...

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