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Morgan Begg is a research fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs. Morgan joined the IPA in 2014 to advance a major report into The State of Fundamental Legal Rights in Australia, which was referenced extensively in the Australian Law Reform Commission's seminal "Freedoms Inquiry" released in March 2016. Morgan has written a number of opinion articles, research reports, and submissions to parliamentary inquiries on a variety of topics including red tape, freedom of speech, anti-discrimination laws, and legal rights and the rule of law.

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12 Apr 2018

This research reveals how GST equalisation is creating a class of winners and losers among Australian states.


Provided to the Religious Freedom Review Expert Panel
4 Apr 2018

This report, submitted to the Religious Freedom Review Expert Panel, aims to explain the fundamental principles underlying the concept of religious liberty, and to explain how the current methods and other proposals to protect this liberty are deficient or fail to achieve their goals.


27 Dec 2017

This report illustrates the ongoing erosion of legal rights that persists in Australia, measured by an analysis of the content of all legislation passed by the federal parliament in 2017.


11 Dec 2017

This report reveals how GST equalisation is creating a class of winners and losers among the Australian states.


29 Nov 2017

This report highlights the need for reform to the superannuation system to ensure that governance structures are such that fund members’ interests are protected.

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