Access to the private rental market: industry practices and perceptions

15 Jun 2008

This programme of research was funded by a grant from the Helen MacPherson Smith Trust and aimed to gain insight, for the first time, from real estate agent property managers into ways in which disadvantaged tenants could find suitable accommodation in the private rental market.

A literature survey designed to assess the known barriers to disadvantaged tenants finding appropriate accommodation in the private rental market uncovered little of academic value, but confirmed that the Victorian property market is very tight with little relief in sight. This means that people who are less affluent, have a poor or no rental history and have unstable incomes and personalities are the least likely to be able to fi nd suitable accommodation in it.

A research program consisting of the aforementioned literature survey, 20 personal indepth interviews with estate agents and a case study interview with staff from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria was conducted to help fi ll the considerable gap in knowledge in the area.

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