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23 Nov 2017

The authors of the volume are a range of academics and past public servants from different jurisdictions, which allows previously hidden stories and processes of multi-level governance in Australia across different periods of government to be revealed and analysed for the first time.

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8 May 2014

Abstract: The Australian state is not normally considered in the context of fragility. We challenge the assumption of Australian robustness by examining the way in which two potential vulnerabilities are framed and the way these issues are incorporated in to the political and institutional...

11 Sep 2009

NOT LONG AGO, the Productivity Commission released its final report on a very vexed question. The question was, should the provisions of the Copyright Act, which currently prevent overseas editions of Australian-published works from being imported into Australia, be repealed? These provisions, known as parallel...



16 Jul 2009

IT’S NOT OFTEN that an article in an academic journal makes you think about the world in a different way. But one such article appeared late last year in Prometheus , an Australian-based journal that publishes a wide range of research on science, technology and...


24 Jun 2009

'Consultation' has become something of a mantra in contemporary governance. This book maps out the principal approaches used by governments to consult with and engage affected communities of interest.

Governments well understand that policy occurs in a highly contestable environment in which there are...

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