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14 Feb 2018

The book publishing landscape has changed considerably in recent years, with a rise in the popularity of self-publishing, the entry and growth of new, 'fee-for-service' presses, and the availability of self-publishing platforms on booksellers’ online sites.


13 Nov 2017

This report highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by professional artists in Australia.

Research report

30 Sep 2015

This paper reports the results of a survey investigating the experiences of Australian authors in the contemporary international book industry – in particular, whether authors are adapting their creative and work practices in response to the technological changes that are currently affecting the book industry...

Research report

27 Aug 2010

The careers of Australian practicing professional artists across all major art forms (except film) are profiled in this economic study.

It is based on interviews with professional artists and includes data on their numbers, incomes, achievements and challenges.

This survey is the fifth...

Research report

4 Jun 2010

Seemingly a paradox exists in the arts: creativity and novelty lie at the heart of all artistic endeavour, yet funders call on arts and cultural organisations to be more innovative.

Understanding this paradox is one of the reasons why NESTA embarked on the research...

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