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16 Jul 2018

The My Health Record (MHR) system promises to make Australia a leader in providing citizens with access to their own health records.


30 Jul 2015

This review focused on the implementation of risk stratification tools. It found that the use of risk stratification tools in combination with a care management plan can improve patient outcomes. The use of risk stratification tools to determine components of a care management plan can...

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1 Apr 2014

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Public patients are routinely being treated in Australian private hospitals. Some jurisdictions have large-scale, planned programs where private or not-for-profit hospitals are contracted by the public sector to treat public inpatients (for example, Queensland’s Surgery Connect program). Often, however, ‘contracting’ is...


15 Mar 2012

Chemicals are ubiquitous in everyday life. Environmental health practitioners rely on a complex web of regulators and policy bodies to ensure the protection of public health, yet few understand the full extent of this web. A lack of understanding can hamper public health response and...

17 Feb 2011

Markets and demand are transforming the health system but the policy debate isn't catching up, writes James Gillespie in Inside Story

• WHATEVER it lacks in concrete achievements, the current round of health reforms has set new records in hyperbole. Launching “the biggest health...

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