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Helen Scott

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15 Jan 2017

East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC) is frequently exposed to, and has experienced numerous natural hazard related disasters in the past. After the significant 2014 bushfires in the municipality, EGSC implemented a new approach to disaster recovery. The Adaptation for Recovery project (the...

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01 Nov 2016

Local governments work in many ways to improve the vibrancy, amenity and wellbeing of their communities. Expectations of local government are increasing globally, however, with greater community demand for improved environmental protection, local economic activity and social vitality. At the...

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10 Mar 2013

Executive Summary

This report details the process and findings from the first climate risk assessment carried out for RMIT University. Whist the primary focus is on the Melbourne City campus the research activity also draws on interviews and documentation from the RMIT...

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12 Sep 2007

Carbon offsets are generated from different types of projects. In Australia the most common are renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry (known as bio-sequestration) projects. The market for voluntary carbon offsets, where businesses choose to offset their emissions as part of their...

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