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Dr Julie Lawson is Honorary Associate Professor with RMIT AHURI Research Centre. 
Julie has a long term interest in housing issues and their resolution in many different countries through her research of housing systems, explanations for their development pathways and policy alternatives. Since 1993 she has published on international developments in urban development, social housing, housing finance, performance management and systems of housing provision in Europe, Australasia, North America and Asia, via various mediums including leading academic journals, peer reviewed scientific reports, as well as national radio documentaries. She has worked for institutes and universities (OTB TU Delft, AHURI, University of Sydney, RMIT, UNSW, Institute of Housing Studies IHS, Erasmus and University of Amsterdam), the United Nations (UNCHS, Habitat, Nairobi, OHCHR, Human Rights, Geneva), the Dutch and Australian government as well as city governments and community organizations. 
She obtained her PhD in urban planning (University of Amsterdam), post graduate studies in Public Policy (Melbourne) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (RMIT) while playing an active role in housing policy developments. Julie is currently living in Geneva (due to diplomatic posting) working with colleagues from the AHURI network and various UN agencies.

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2 Feb 2017

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s visit to cold old London last week in the middle of the Australia summer was time well spent. Morrison made time in his hectic schedule for a lengthy meeting with the UK’s Housing Finance Corporation (THFC) to discuss an affordable housing financial...

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13 Jul 2016

The research finds that Austria demonstrates a model of a successful federally legislated housing system. It has a national level legislative framework outlining the business model for not-for-profit housing provision, establishing cost rent setting rules and delineating conditions for the use of direct and indirect...

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23 Nov 2015

There has been considerable innovation in social policy in many developed countries since the mid-1990s, with a move towards more individualised packages of support for people who require assistance due to older age, disabilities, health issues and a range of other vulnerabilities. The aims of...

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7 Apr 2014

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: As home ownership rates decline across all age cohorts, the suboptimal quantity, allocation, and security of housing opportunities in the rental market has received increasing policy attention. To date, fiscal strategies for attracting investment towards rental housing have had limited success, especially...

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27 Oct 2013

This report provides a contemporary international review of established and emerging practice in Europe and the US concerning the use of guarantees to support long-term investment in social and affordable rental housing.

Executive summary

This report is provided at a time when...

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