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2 Feb 2017

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s visit to cold old London last week in the middle of the Australia summer was time well spent. Morrison made time in his hectic schedule for a lengthy meeting with the UK’s Housing Finance Corporation (THFC) to discuss an affordable housing financial...

Research report

13 Jul 2016

The research finds that Austria demonstrates a model of a successful federally legislated housing system. It has a national level legislative framework outlining the business model for not-for-profit housing provision, establishing cost rent setting rules and delineating conditions for the use of direct and indirect...

Research report

23 Nov 2015

There has been considerable innovation in social policy in many developed countries since the mid-1990s, with a move towards more individualised packages of support for people who require assistance due to older age, disabilities, health issues and a range of other vulnerabilities. The aims of...

Research report

7 Apr 2014

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: As home ownership rates decline across all age cohorts, the suboptimal quantity, allocation, and security of housing opportunities in the rental market has received increasing policy attention. To date, fiscal strategies for attracting investment towards rental housing have had limited success, especially...

Research report

27 Oct 2013

This report provides a contemporary international review of established and emerging practice in Europe and the US concerning the use of guarantees to support long-term investment in social and affordable rental housing.

Executive summary

This report is provided at a time when...

Research report

10 May 2013

This report is part of a research project that has been commissioned by the Western Australian Government. The project reviews international models that use public subsidies and incentives to attract large scale commercial finance to supply affordable housing. This report provides the findings of stage...

Research report

10 May 2013

This research has been commissioned by the Western Australian Government to describe and assess international models for financing the supply of affordable housing that use public subsidies and incentives to attract large scale commercial finance to the supply of affordable housing. This report provides the...

Research report

26 Nov 2012

This review provides a brief update of developments in social housing policies and national strategies in a cross‐section of developed countries since 2007. The countries included in the review are: Austria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden (described collectively as European countries) and the...

Research report

23 May 2012

The aim of this study is to develop a special purpose financial instrument, identified in this report as Housing Supply Bonds, to finance the supply of affordable rental housing in Australia.

While international efforts in the field of private finance for affordable...

Discussion paper

25 May 2010

This research project aims to inform the development of policies, institutions and financing instruments that could promote reliable levels of investment at sufficient volume to address the need for affordable housing in Australia by examining a variety of models that have been used successfully by...

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