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Research report
13 April 2017

This research summary provides evidence of the changing nature of apprenticeships over a twenty year period (1996—2016), with a focus on a comparison of trade and non-trade apprentices and...

1 February 2017

This summary paper outlines the views presented at a symposium, held in August 2016, concerning the reform of national training products, training packages and accredited courses.

2 August 2016

This good practice guide is designed to help employers think about and provide work-based social support structures that may contribute to the health and wellbeing of young apprentices as they...

17 June 2016

Assesses the impact of NCVER's research against two themes: the role of apprenticeships in a modern economy and the nature of vocations and competencies required by industry.

10 October 2014

Examines issues pertinent to ensuring the Australian education and training system can respond to emerging skills demand in the following industries: food and agriculture; biotechnology and...

3 October 2011

Using Australian and international research, this paper explores how vocational education and training system responds to and fosters the social inclusion policy agenda.

14 August 2009

This study examines where and how NCVER's research has influenced vocational education and training (VET) policy and practice.

A model for assessing research impact was...

24 February 2006

Recognition of prior learning is a process whereby people have the skills and knowledge they have developed outside the formal education system assessed and valued against qualifications...