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The justice sector services aim to contribute to a safe and secure community and promote a law abiding way of life.

Services included in the sector

  • Police services Deliver services relating to preserving public order, investigating crime and apprehending offenders, improving road safety and supporting the judicial process.
  • Courts Arbitrate on criminal and civil justice matters. This Report focuses on administrative support functions for the courts, such as management of court facilities, services and staffing and the provision of case management services. Judicial decisions and outcomes are not included.
  • Corrective servicesAdminister correctional sanctions imposed by courts and orders of the adult parole boards through the management of adult custodial facilities and community corrections orders, and the provision of programs and services to prisoners and offenders.

Legal aid, public prosecutions and tribunals are not included as service-specific chapters in this Report. Justice services for children and young offenders (predominately related to youth community corrections and detention) are covered under youth justice in chapter 17 of the Report.

Detailed information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of service provision and the achievement of outcomes for the Police, Courts and Corrective service areas is contained in the service-specific chapters.

Total government expenditure for the justice services in this Report (less revenue from own sources) was almost $16.1 billion in 2016-17 (table CA.1), around 7.2 per cent of total government expenditure on services covered in this Report. Police services was the largest contributor (65.4 per cent), followed by corrective services (25.3 per cent) and courts (9.3 per cent). Nationally, expenditure per person on justice services was $660 in 2016-17 (table CA.2).

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