Michele Slatter

Briefing paper

29 Jun 2016

This research explores Australian private rental brokerage programs which provide assistance in securing and sustaining private rental tenancies for disadvantaged tenants. The research identifies a diverse range of activities tailored to individuals and local circumstances, but lacking common terminology, measures and reporting making it difficult...

Research report

30 May 2016

Private rental brokerage programs (PRBPs) are a key pillar of support for disadvantaged people accessing and sustaining private rental. This is in addition to more formal private rental assistance programs delivered by state and territory governments; and Commonwealth financial assistance in the form of Commonwealth...


29 May 2013

This toolkit is one of the outputs from a study undertaken by the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Adelaide, for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, into the role of frontline services in addressing homelessness....

Literature review

30 Sep 2012

This paper is the first output of a project entitled Beyond charity: the engagement of the philanthropic and homelessness sectors in Australia . The report has two purposes. First, it outlines the focus of, and rationale for, this empirical research investigating the engagement of the...

Research report

26 Oct 2009

This report describes and reviews all known mainstream and Indigenous-specific specialist tenant support programs operating around Australia. The review describes how these programs operate; the representation of Indigenous people in such programs, the services provided to clients and, where the data permit, the effectiveness of...

Journal article

1 Feb 2007

Australia has a significant private rental market with over a quarter of households renting their home from a private landlord.

Research report

30 Jun 2006

This research set out to establish an evidence base around public and private sector rental evictions in Australia that will assist in the formulation of policies and strategies that reduce the cost burden of evictions on housing providers and managers. Ideally, that evidence base would...

Research report

13 Oct 2005

This report shows that although each state and territory rental support program has similar aims, their operation varies considerably.

Research report

13 Oct 2005

The small scale tenant incentive schemes existing in Australia are perceived by housing managers and tenants to contribute to improvements in service delivery, organisational culture and staff and tenant satisfaction report Keith Jacobs, Tim Seelig, Hazel Easthope and Michele Slatter.

Research report

5 Nov 2003

This study, funded by Flinders University and the South Australian Housing Trust presents a 'snap-shot' of the 240 cases where bailiffs were called out during a three month period in 2002. It profiles the tenancies, outlines the legal process and describes the changing relationship between...

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