Women in leadership: achieving and flourishing

The Stamford Plaza: 
Course Commencement Date
20 Mar 2018

Dr Christine Nixon – Monash University Deputy Chancellor and former Victoria Police Chief Commissioner – and Professor Amanda Sinclair – Melbourne Business School Fellow and author on leadership – will encourage participants to share experiences and learn how to lead change while looking after themselves and others in demanding contexts.

“This is not about training women to adapt to traditional leadership models,” Dr Nixon says. “Our aim is to empower women to be role models for humane and people-centred leadership. To build effectiveness and to broaden the leadership repertoire.”

Key benefits

Participants attending Women in leadership will gain fresh perspectives on traditional leadership and management issues. Participants will learn from each other as well as experienced practitioners about leading change and upholding public sector values. 

You will expand your approaches to influencing and mobilising people, and identify practical steps to deal with the leadership challenges you face. You will gain a unique network.

Who should attend

The Women in leadership course is aimed at middle-to-senior level women managers in the public sector, and is also valuable for women in the not-for-profit and education sectors.

Course details

Over three days, Dr Nixon and Professor Sinclair will guide participants through the broad strategic levels of leadership and mobilising organisations, to managing groups, finishing on the personal dimensions of leadership roles.

Women in leadership modules will include:


  • strategies for reforming organisations and leading change
  • deepening understanding of issues for women in leadership and how to support other women to succeed
  • leadership during difficult times and crisis management
  • leading dialogue and initiating, difficult but important conversations.


  • how to get new initiatives on the agenda
  • working effectively in groups to solve challenges and mobilise change
  • understanding group processes and how to intervene to achieve goals
  • what distinguishes good managers and modelling effective management.

Personal dimensions

  • cultivating presence and capacity to influence
  • mitigating the personal and professional risks
  • dealing with personal setbacks and continuing to learn
  • identifying allies, ways to nourish self and others
  • setting goals and creating and modelling sustainable practices.
Course Cost
From $3,950 (inc GST)
Course Contact Person
ANZSOG (03) 8344 1990
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