Solving complex problems well: tools and techniques

The East Hotel: 
Course Commencement Date
14 Aug 2018

In this workshop, Dr Nick Fleming draws on his 20-plus years of international experience to bring a fresh, insightful and empowering approach to solving problems in government. “Designing and delivering a government policy or project is typically a complex problem,” Dr Fleming says. “I want to share what I know about complementary techniques that help to better conceive and implement realistic, lasting solutions.”

Course details

Over two days, Dr Fleming will support you to tackle real problems in your workplace. The program includes practical exercises, interactive discussion and real public sector scenarios.

Before the workshop, pre-reading materials and reflection questions will be provided and participants will be asked to share some key challenges and solutions around program logic from their own context. This online activity is optional but highly recommended to begin the collaborative learning process and maximise the value of the face-to-face contact. Estimated time commitment for the pre-workshop activity is 2 hours –with scope for additional reading and pre-course learning.

Key benefits

Dr Fleming will introduce you to a range of specific tools and techniques that can be immediately applied in your work context. You will be equipped to view your project challenges afresh, and to identify how to move ahead with confidence. In this one workshop you will be exposed to tools and techniques that draw on established theories and evidence from world experts. You’ll learn how each can best be used within your context, and why. The skills you will develop are transferable, portfolio-independent and useful throughout your career, enhancing your problem solving abilities and value in the public sector.

Learning modules will include:

  • What defines a complex problem?
  • Creating public value from complexity
  • Diagnosing complex problems
  • Practical systems thinking
  • Designing realistic solutions
  • Enabling effective implementation
Course Cost
$1,650 (inc GST)
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