Thinking Tasters

Abode Hotel: 
Woden, Canberra
Course Enrolment Date
14 Mar 2018
Course Commencement Date
15 Mar 2018

This series of capsule courses allows you to take control of your professional development, providing you with some simple tips and tools to build your strategic, critical and design thinking skills at work in the public sector.

This series of workshops will help you:

  • upgrade your analytical tool kit to know enough about what the different thinking frameworks methods offer
  • know what public service challenges they lend themselves to, when to use them, in what combinations and at what stage to use them
  • understand how different choices will play out in the real world
  • turn evidence and insights into actionable advice to government decision makers
  • deliver better outcomes on the ground
Course Cost
Four modules - Each module is stand-alone and you can sign up to attend at a cost of $400 per module per person (inc GST). If you sign up for the first three sessions, you will be able to attend the final session at no cost.
Course Contact Person
Kate Delaney -
Course Contact Email