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1 Oct 2003

In recent years outlays on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme have increased rapidly, prompting both attempts by government to reduce growth in outlays and renewed interest in the characteristics of the beneficiaries of the Scheme. This paper, using a microsimulation model of the PBS, analyses the...

Conference paper

23 Jul 2002

In Social Modelling and Public Policy: What is microsimulation modelling and how is it being used? Laurie Brown and Ann Harding provide an overview of social modelling, and in particular a general introduction to and insight into the potential role and usefulness of microsimulation in...

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28 May 2002

This position paper, Funding High Cost Biotechnology under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme , was prepared to aid discussions by stakeholders in the scheme at a forum in Sydney on 7 March 2002. The aim was to identify and assess possible mechanisms or models for funding...

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