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Conference paper
22 November 2016

The share of prefabricated modular residential buildings in the Australian construction market is growing mainly because they are quicker to erect on-site than traditional construction, and often...

Conference paper
11 December 2015

Due to the unsustainable nature of urban sprawl, Australian metropolitan strategies have increasing been pushing for increased levels of infill: the redevelopment of existing urban (typically...

Journal article
15 July 2015

The green agenda for cities and the economy in general is a major focus of global institutions and is increasingly a major national and urban priority. Core issues and best practice for built...

17 April 2015

The Perth Freight Link (PFL) has been announced as a major transport opportunity to solve the heavy goods truck problems in Perth.

Audio program
11 February 2015

Perth is not the 'Wild West' of Australia anymore.

Discussion paper
11 August 2014

It is five years since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and its knock-on effects are still playing out in ways that are likely to have longer-term implications than those purely financial in...

12 February 2014

This paper demonstrates to transit proponents and practitioners how to facilitate infrastructure projects by optimizing induced and activated land-use change. 

18 September 2013

In Australia’s middle and outer suburbs, rooftop solar technology provides a clear way to reduce the emissions from the energy our houses use. But higher density housing types (apartments and...

Journal article
6 June 2013

This paper examines the early phases of a 21st century energy transition that involves distributed generation technologies employing low or zero carbon emission power sources and their take-up...

6 August 2002

This report draws on the concept of locational disadvantage to evaluate three different housing assistance programs in relation to a whole of government response to major shifts in welfare...