Stephen R. Zubrick

First Name: Stephen R.
Last Name: Zubrick
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Journal article
23 January 2017

Children are exposed to clusters of risk which affect their language development. This paper identifies distinct groups of children based on a range of risk exposures and explores the service...

7 August 2015

This report documents the mental health of young Australians based on a survey conducted in the homes of over 6,300 families with children and/or adolescents aged 4 to 17 years.

Journal article
28 July 2014

Investigates whether the profile of factors protecting psychosocial functioning of high risk exposed Australian Aboriginal youth are the same as those promoting psychosocial functioning in low...

13 January 2010

The Let’s Start project was a trial to implement the Exploring Together Preschool Program (ETPP) in the Northern Territory (NT) for managing behaviour problems in...

8 July 2008

This paper examines parenting styles and family functioning; factors influencing parents' feelings and perceptions about the way they parent their children; the roles and contributions of parents...