Tim Soutphommasane


25 Sep 2017

This keynote speech to the Australian Political Studies Association conference addresses the rise of populism and the challenges faced by liberal democracies.


7 Mar 2016

In 1975, the year the Racial Discrimination Act was introduced by the Whitlam Government, Australia's population was just over 13.5 million. Fast forward 40 years and 24 million people now call Australia home, living in relative harmony in a rich and vibrantly multicultural society....


30 Jul 2015

In this speech at the Australian National University, Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, reflects "on the state of racism in Australian society – in particular some of the emerging challenges we face in combating prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

"For example, as made clear by...

Discussion paper

24 Sep 2010

The reforms of the 1980s and 90s have worked their way through our economy and our society. We have enjoyed their benefits, but the jump in living standards they enabled has now faded from memory. This has been replaced by a dangerous complacency which holds...

Discussion paper

7 Jun 2010

Climate change politics in Australia has been defined by incendiary rhetoric and increasing public disillusionment. Debate has been slipping into the partisan arena of the “culture wars”. Social democrats can learn from the Australian experience, which underlines the need to move away from...

Research report

16 Dec 2005

It has been four months since Bob Carr resigned as premier of New South Wales. Some speculated that Carr’s retirement was a temporary break before a draft into the federal Labor leadership. One thing is certain, writes Tim Soutphommasane: even if he does not pursue...

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