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7 Jun 2010

Climate change politics in Australia has been defined by incendiary rhetoric and increasing public disillusionment. Debate has been slipping into the partisan arena of the “culture wars”. Social democrats can learn from the Australian experience, which underlines the need to move away from...


16 Dec 2005

It has been four months since Bob Carr resigned as premier of New South Wales. Some speculated that Carr’s retirement was a temporary break before a draft into the federal Labor leadership. One thing is certain, writes Tim Soutphommasane: even if he does not pursue...


1 Jan 2002

It is probably true that Australians, more so than others, are a people sceptical of symbolic gestures. And yet in spite of this, one cannot help but feel some measure of surprise, if not alarm, at the failure of last year's centenary of Federation to...


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