Tony Dalton


23 Jun 2017

Does the Australian government have the policy, organisational and conceptual capacity to handle the country’s A$6 trillion housing stock?

Briefing paper

3 Dec 2015

A preliminary research paper (secondary data analysis, interviews and focus groups with policy community) helped inform this Investigative Panel. Two panel meetings were held in New South Wales and Victoria and comprised local and state government representatives, NGOs, rooming house owners and researchers.


Research report

12 Aug 2015

This Investigative Panel focused on the challenges facing the rooming/boarding house policy community in Victoria and New South Wales. The Panel argued that in the context of growth in the sector and a more diverse clientele, regulatory frameworks needed to be updated to encompass those...

Research report

4 Mar 2015

Examines the policy and practical challenges being encountered in the development of a legitimate and viable rooming/boarding house sector, and how might these best be overcome through an improved regulatory regime and other measures to address a range of housing needs.

Executive summary...

Research report

27 Aug 2014

Increased demand from students, retirees and families excluded from private rental have put new pressures on marginal rental accommodation. However residents—especially those with high needs—remain vulnerable in this tenure and often experience poor management, lack of safety and low quality or expensive housing. Better regulation...

Research report

7 Oct 2013

Executive summary

This report presents the outcomes of a research project conducted by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) RMIT Research Centre on the way a significant proportion of new suburban detached housing is built in Australia. The report examines the...

Research report

29 Jul 2013

This research project investigated the marginal rental housing market, which includes boarding or rooming houses and residential (caravan) park accommodation and provided a typology of marginal rental housing. Demand for marginal accommodation has come from low-income people some of whom have high needs, but also...

Research report

19 Jun 2013

This study finds that the availability of labour for housing construction is not a contributor to poor housing affordability in Victoria or Queensland.


This study utilises a mixed methods approach, including a literature review, exploratory interviews with industry stakeholders, quantitative analysis...

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