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Working paper
17 February 2017

This report analyses the components of economic growth in twenty-one APEC economies in the past twenty-five years and the next thirty-five. The report highlights the critical role played by...

20 October 2016

Provides evidence from many of Australia’s leading scholars from a range of social science disciplines to support policies that address challenges presented by Australia’s ageing population.

Video lecture/presentation
5 September 2013

In the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia 2013 Keith Hancock Lecture Retirement income design with an ageing demographic, Scientia Professor John Piggott FASSA,  ...

23 May 2013

While Asia's population is expected to increase by one billion people in the next thirty years, the significant demographic story is the change in its age structure.


10 September 2012

The fiscal challenges of population ageing can be tackled in a number of ways. These include investing in capital and productivity of the smaller workforce, greater saving for retirement, higher...

1 January 2000

Oliva S. Mitchell and John Piggott argue that retirement systems should be conceived of as long-term financial contracts under
which workers' contributions today are exchanged for benefits...