How to contribute a resource to APO

This video demonstrates how to add a Resource to the APO website, using the 2018 Closing the Gap report as an example.  Below the same steps are listed in text and a pdf with screen shots is also available here

1/ Open your Resource file.

2/ Open the APO home page. Make sure you have joined and are logged in as a contributor

3/ Go to the red Add a Resource button in the top right corner, then the button one near the bottom of the subsequent page.

4/ On the form, select the type of Resource you are uploading.

5/ Now Add the Resource. If your Resource can’t be uploaded as a file for copyright reasons, add it as a link and label it.

6/ If allowed, upload the file. The label should be the same as the title of your resource. Give your Resource a title.

7/ Write the date in the format of the examples provided.

8/ The Creator is anyone who contributed to the resource, including writers, interviewees, or a company. To add the Creator, type slowly into the space, and wait for a drop down option to appear.

8.1/  If a Creator or Publisher of your Resource is not already in the APO database, you can Create a Party. Click the Create a Party button and fill out the relevant fields and save.

9/ If you don't have information to complete any sections, simply leave them blank, an APO moderator will fill in any necessary details.

10/ The Description field should be concice and not overly hyperbolic. Often the easiest, most accurate option is to use the resource's abstract or executive summary.

11/ You can pick as many broad subjects as you believe are relevant. This section will help readers find your resource on the APO website.

12/ The subjects and keywords also help readers access other similar resources, so make them as relevant as possible. If your topic does not appear in the provided options, try rewording the subject, or use a synonym.

13/ Add the geographic coverage (where the research took place).  If this is about a general topic such as the internet etc, use "Worldwide"

14/ Most Resources should have a copyright section that will tell you who the licence belongs to. Otherwise, attribute it to the organisation or company publishing the resource. Unless you are publishing a Journal article, ignore all sections related to journals, such as review status and edition details.

15/ Double check your submission, and then click the Save button at the bottom of the page. You can edit the resource once you’ve saved it.

You have now created a resource landing page and you will notice that the Description field will have a pink tinge behind it. This indicates that it is waiting for an APO editor to moderate and publish it. Please be patient, this can take anywhere from 24 -48 hours.

You will receive a system-generated  email to advise if the resource has been published or rejected.

Click here to view a printable version of this guide with screen shots