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2 Mar 2018

This third report in the Gender Equity Insights series extends and strengthens the evidence base around gender pay gaps and how these have changed over time across Australian workplaces.

Research report

25 Aug 2017

This report argues that the energy sector is changing rapidly globally and nationally; and that Western Australia needs a plan to navigate its way through these changes and towards a sustainable and affordable energy future.


26 Jun 2017

This addresses an issue of central importance to Australia in maintaining economic growth, its sense of social justice and fairness and in creating as equal an opportunity as possible for all Australian children – education.

Research report

1 Mar 2017

A new analysis of Agency data shows that sizeable gender pay gaps persist across the workforce, but that improving gender balance in leadership teams measurably improves pay equity in organisations.

Gender Equity Insights 2017: Inside Australia's Gender Pay Gap , the second in...


28 Oct 2016

When the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the September Labour Force Survey data, shadow minister for employment and workplace relations Brendan O'Connor said the labour market participation rate was in “free fall” and that “people have stopped looking for work”. Is that right?...

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