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31 July 2015

This report describes a dynamic ‘Co-creative Media System’ that is emerging in the social space.

4 April 2013

What makes a great city? This is the question that the construction of world city or global city indexes has sought to answer.

The CCI Creative City Index (CCI-CCI) is a new approach to the...

29 February 2012

The CCI Creative City Index (CCI-CCI) is a new approach to the measurement and ranking of creative global cities.

It is constructed over eight principal dimensions, each...

Conference paper
14 November 2011

This paper draws on the work of the 'EU Kids Online' network funded by the EC (DG Information Society) Safer Internet plus Programme (project code SIP-KEP-321803); see...

25 October 2010

The creative industries concept was born in the UK, nurtured in Australia (among other countries), but is now being implemented most vigorously in China. The UK and Australia seem to be pulling...

16 December 2009

The internet is not a medium: it is a whole new media environment which requires us to rethink how we regulate content, protect vulnerable groups

4 February 2009

This report was initiated in order to support both the practical and emerging creative engagement of the arts sector with climate change.

Journal article
9 October 2008

Researchers from CCI identify some tensions between formal education and informal learning in the uses of popular literacy since the nineteenth century, in order to argue for a 'demand-led' model...

27 March 2007

In March 2007 we participated in the Digital Literacy and Creative Innovation in a Knowledge Economy research symposium. The symposium was a collaboration between the ARC Centre of Excellence for...

26 October 2006

Television is heading into a post-broadcast phase of interactive innovation and do-it-yourself production, brought on by the coming-of-age of the Internet, which combines individual creative...