7th Public Sector Director & Executive Level Leadership Forum

Monday, September 3, 2018 - 08:30 to Friday, September 7, 2018 - 16:30
Canberra ACT

Middle managers in the APS face a unique set of challenges. They must deliver results whilst managing decreased resources, fluctuating staff and stakeholder expectations. Middle managers must also be able to manage pressures from above, below and across their organisations. Although this level in the APS can be challenging, it also provides a wonderful opportunity to grow, innovate and develop essential leadership skills.

Liquid Learning is proud to present the 7th Public Sector Director and Executive Level Leadership Forum. We're bringing together a variety of leaders to share inspirational stories, practical advice and insights into mid-level APS leadership. Delegates will learn essential skills to enhance their leadership effectiveness and take that vital next step in their career.

Make sure you get your ticket to join an inspirational array of public sector leaders who will be sharing their journeys and highlighting how they excel in turbulent times. Featured speakers will take part in panel discussions and host case studies designed to help you navigate change in the APS, futureproof your team for success, and move from being an authentic manager to an authentic leader. Additionally, our expert comentary and our hands on, practical workshops will provide you with a perfect basis from which to launch your next career step.

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  • Lead through turbulence and change
  • Explore the future of the APS
  • Build resilience
  • Network with influential leaders

Featured Speakers:

  • Cheryl Ingold, Deputy Chief People Officer, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Arvind Tyagi, Executive Director, Portfolio Transformation Office, Secretary’s Office, Department of Planning & Environment NSW
  • Sara Goldsworthy, Assistant Secretary, People Smuggling and Human Trafficking Taskforce, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Michael Mahy, DSC Current Executive Director Defence and National Security, Synergy Group, Former Director General, Military Strategy, Department of Defence


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