The impact of e-learning champions on embedding e-learning

14 May 2009

This report looks at the use of e-learning champions as a change management strategy and outlines common activities and guidelines adopted by e-learning champions to successfully facilitate the uptake of e-learning within their organisation.

It confirms that successful e-learning champions possess a defined set of characteristics, including:

  • Credibility – A champion is skilled in e-learning; shares knowledge, skills and resources; is passionate and tenacious; communicates well; is client focused; and problem solves.  
  • Support – A champion provides tailored, educationally sound solutions; encourages teachers/trainers to explore e-learning; supports teachers/trainers one-on-one; and reviews and adapts as required.  
  • Influence – A champion builds capable e-learning teams; creates communities of practice; facilitates peer-to-peer learning; recognises and showcases achievements; and nurtures influential advocates.  
  • Commitment – A champion makes e-learning part of the strategic plan; ensures e-learning is appropriately resourced; makes e-learning part of teacher/trainer performance plans; and provides opportunities and time to learn, experiment and review e-learning tools and products.  

The study has a firm message for employers looking to harness the benefits of e-learning, warning:

  • E-learning champions are often better recognised for their work outside of their organisation than within it. 
  • Champions of e-learning cannot alone embed e-learning in their organisation, industry or community. To sustain e-learning, managers and policy makers must assist and build organisational cultures and work processes that support innovation and the work of e-learning champions. 
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