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Ian McShane is a Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University's Centre for Urban Research. His research focuses on informal and formal education systems (especially museums, libraries and schools), local infrastructure and community services, and digital technologies.

21 December 2016

The study analyses data from the first large scale Australian survey of public wi-fi use.

19 May 2016

Community playgroups have significant social and economic benefits not just for children but also for their parents, particularly mothers, finds this report.

Conference paper
11 December 2015

The paper focuses on the link between regional development, social enterprise and digital infrastructure, through analysis of an...

Conference paper
10 December 2015

Digital inclusion has emerged as a major theme in metropolitan-level strategic planning. However, while we have seen a dramatic uptake of internet-enabled mobile devices, to date little is...

Journal article
30 May 2014

This article contextualises the current interest in public wi-fi by analysing international developments in municipal broadband and the spasmodic involvement of Australian local authorities in...

27 May 2014

Are local schools the beating heart of our communities? Or are they underutilised public assets? 

1 August 2013

Introduction: Broadband is described as essential civic infrastructure of the twenty-first century, yet Australian local authorities have taken few initiatives to provide it as a...

15 November 2011

In Inside Story, Ian McShane reviews Natasha Cica's account of the life of wilderness photographer Olegas Truchanas and his role in the campaign to save Lake Pedder....

23 June 2011

Two new books look at the places where social ecologies take root and flourish, writes Ian McShane in Inside Story

THIRTY years ago two little-known...

23 December 2010

Ian McShane reviews Andrew Leigh’s book about social capital in Australia, Disconnected, in Inside Story

ANDREW LEIGH’s Disconnected...