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Research report

21 Dec 2016

Public wi-fi is becoming a key part of Australia’s communication system. However, the convenience and accessibility that make public wi-fi so popular also make it vulnerable to malevolent or illegal activities, particularly targeted at intercepting sensitive or valuable personal information.

Despite its popularity, we...

Research report

19 May 2016

Community playgroups have significant social and economic benefits not just for children but also for their parents, particularly mothers, finds this report.

Relationships Matter: The Social and Economic Benefits of Community Playgroups , funded by Playgroup Australia and undertaken by RMIT University’s Centre...

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

The paper focuses on the link between regional development, social enterprise and digital infrastructure, through analysis of an initiative in Goulburn NSW, in which local entrepreneurs rigged up a wi-fi network, providing free internet access to the public in the city ’s main street....

Conference paper

10 Dec 2015

How do we build urban resilience through key areas of critical infrastructure such as mobile communications? Mobile digital communication networks, encompassing commercial mobile and public wi-fi platforms, are ubiquitous in Australian cities, and digital inclusion has emerged as a major theme in metropolitan-level strategic planning...

Journal article

30 May 2014

Australian municipal governments have lagged behind many of their international counterparts in local public broadband provision. However, by 2014 there are signs that the gap is closing, with significant new investment in public wi-fi by city governments across Australia. This article contextualises the current interest...



27 May 2014

Are local schools the beating heart of our communities? Or are they underutilised public assets, closed out of school hours and off limits to local residents?

A new discussion paper on the extended use of schools released by New South Wales Labor...


1 Aug 2013

Introduction: Broadband is described as essential civic infrastructure of the twenty-first century, yet Australian local authorities have taken few initiatives to provide it as a local public good, similar to physical facilities and community services. This situation contrasts with local initiatives in many other...



15 Nov 2011

In Inside Story, Ian McShane reviews Natasha Cica's account of the life of wilderness photographer Olegas Truchanas and his role in the campaign to save Lake Pedder.

WHEN I was very young, we lived in the foothills of Mount Wellington, high above Hobart....



23 Jun 2011

Two new books look at the places where social ecologies take root and flourish, writes Ian McShane in Inside Story

THIRTY years ago two little-known American sociologists, Ramon Oldenburg and Dennis Brissett, coined the term “third place” to describe the locations...



23 Dec 2010

Ian McShane reviews Andrew Leigh’s book about social capital in Australia, Disconnected , in Inside Story

ANDREW LEIGH’s Disconnected is a brisk analysis of social capital in Australia. As the title suggests, his concern is the erosion of social bonds and...

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