Guess who's going to the gallery? A strategic audience development study for museums and galleries in NSW 2008

29 Jan 2009

A report on the first year of a major new three-year study of visitors to galleries and museums released by Museums & Galleries NSW. The report demonstrates the value of galleries and museums to all sectors of the community and puts the lie to the common stereotype of art-lovers as ‘champagne-sipping élite’.

Guess Who’s Going To The Gallery? is based on over 2,200 interviews with visitors at twelve galleries and museums in the Western Sydney and the Newcastle/Hunter regions. It presents the findings from the first stage of a major three-year strategic initiative by Museums & Galleries NSW – the first ever state-wide, standardised survey of museum and gallery visitors to be undertaken in NSW.

The Museums & Galleries NSW Audience Development study has been funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.


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