Water diaries: exploring the who, where and how much of household water use

1 Jun 2009

This workshop presentation on the use of water diaries as a robust method to examine the ‘black box’ of intra-household water use provides insights into demand managment strategies as well as the gender divisions of household labour.

Kate Harriden and Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt have recently undertaken a series of studies in the rural and urban Australian Capital Territory region to examine who uses how much water and whereabouts in the household. They asked can this method extend the frontier of our knowledge on water use? Can it provide reliable data to assist in demand management? What do the data say about gender equity within the household? What other insights into intra-household water use do water diaries offer?

The workshop also allowed participants an opportunity to provide feedback on the diary format and useability, particularly regarding its strengths and developing strategies to counteract any difficulties.

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