Select Committee on men's health

3 May 2009

This report looks at issues and policy which impinge most directly on men's health, and at the need to support research and provide good clinical care and education and awareness campaigns that seek to improve men's understanding of their health.

The inquiry was established to examine general issues related to the availability and effectiveness of education, supports and services for men’s health, including:

• the level of Commonwealth, state and other funding addressing men’s health, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and depression,

• the adequacy of existing education and awareness campaigns regarding men’s health for both men and the wider community,

• prevailing attitudes of men towards their own health and sense of wellbeing and how these are affecting men’s health in general, and

• the extent, funding and adequacy for treatment services and general support programs for men’s health in metropolitan, rural, regional and remote areas.

Photo: Andrew Jeffrey


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