Tackling the NBN questions – proposed way forward for industry

10 Jun 2009

This is the second discussion paper as part of the Communications Alliance's NBN Industry Connection program that addresses industry issues related to the Government’s announced policy on building a National Broadband Network.

The first paper covered the topic of how the industry can develop an open-access wholesale service model for the NBN and was a primer for two industry forums on the same topic held in Sydney and Melbourne on the 19th and 20th 2009.

This paper focuses on the feedback received during the NBN Industry Connection forums and the proposed way forward to answer the questions regarding the NBN. It covers the following key areas which were discussed during the forum:

1. What are the work areas industry should focus on?
2. What are the priorities for industry in these work areas?
3. What resources can be used to perform the work?
4. How can industry undertake the work?

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