How to make money from online content

21 Jan 2008

Andrew looks at the nuts and bolts of making money with your content online. He looks at a range of emerging online portals setup to aggregate and share revenues with independent content providers and talks about examples including Revver, Grouper, BlipTV and Crackle. To create a sustainable business you have to connect with interest groups across social networks and existing portals setup to focus a global niche towards your content. ?What makes aggregators take notice, audience? leads Andrew to explore that all content put in-front of distributors has to come hand in hand with an existing following. Creative examples investigated are LonelyGirl15, Ask a Ninja, Rocketboom, Afterworld and other notables who were clear about defining their audience and meeting that need. For most content providers nowadays there are two clear paths, sell your audience to a big media group or sell to advertisers who want to reach your audience.

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