Commonwealth/ NSW Working Party on Migration to Sydney and Regional NSW: report

1 Jan 2003

In May 2002, the Minister for Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs announced an increase in the number of non- humanitarian migrants entering Australia, from 93,000 per annum to between 100,000 and 110,000 annually for the next three years. New South Wales accepts a larger proportion of migrants than its share of the national population base, and the impact of increased immigration in addition to the natural population growth of the Sydney basin places a major strain on environment, infrastructure and services. The Commonwealth/NSW Working Party on Migration to Sydney and Regional NSW was appointed to report on options to divert the level of business and skilled migration from Sydney to regional New South Wales and reduce the level of temporary and permanent migration to Sydney. The Working Party's report includes an overview of past, current and projected immigration trends to Sydney and to each major region of NSW, as well as emigration from Sydney and regional NSW. Also included as appendices are a Proposed five-point plan for encouraging and facilitating skilled migrant settlement in regional and rural NSW; and a summary of a CSIRO report 'Future dilemmas: options to 2050 for Australia's population, technology, resources and environment.'

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Sydney, NSW
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