The MrCute repository: the next phase

2 Mar 2009

MrCute is an acronym of Moodle Repository, Create, Upload, Tag, and Embed and is a repository system for the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It will enable the content uploaded to online course areas on the VLE to be shared with other users and used in more than one location by more than one person.

The original MrCute was a JISC-funded project by Worcester College of Technology (United Kingdom) in partnership with Learning Objectivity UK. MrCute Version 1 was released at the end of March 2008. MrCute 1 can be downloaded from the Moodle community Web site [1]. MrCute was intended to be an optional add-on for the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment. More specifically, it extended the functionality of the IMS Repository system originally developed by Alton College, UK. MrCute is compatible with Moodle 1.8.2 upwards but not with earlier 1.8 versions.

The existing Alton College Moodle IMS repository system worked as a useful addition to Moodle, enabling users to browse and add NLN materials to a Moodle course. It has been widely adopted in the UK, especially in educational sectors where National Learning Materials were available. MrCute 1 added to this functionality by offering a means of searching for materials by keyword as well as browsing by category. It also enabled the repository to be populated as well, where users could upload their own materials to share and tag them appropriately for searching and browsing.

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