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Relationship marketing and the concert experience: how can it increase the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's single ticket revenue?

9 Sep 2008

In a modern context, symphonic music is constantly exploring how to market itself innovatively and yet respect traditional forms, in order to engage new audiences and remain relevant in the 21st century. This project researches the need to understand single ticket buyer behaviour and its connections to marketing tools currently being used, so that a symphony orchestra can compete successfully in a competitive marketplace. The research concludes that a discounted offer delivered to the audience via ?direct mail? is the most effective in pushing return purchases for the target symphony orchestra audiences (fifty years +). The study also indicates that audiences are more likely to book and commit to concerts/events much closer to the date of the event. Thus direct mail has longevity in influencing the consumers? behaviour, as it has the ability to be continually referred to and kept, whereas email marketing, if not acted on in the first few days, will often be deleted and disregarded.

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